Range of Abrasive Products

Edmar manufactures reinforced abrasive blades from 3" – 20" diameters for use on all types of saws. Applications are for a wide range of metal, masonry and concrete. Thicknesses range in size from 1/32"-5/8".
Hot Press and Super Hot Press Abrasive Blades for Walk-behind Saws- 14” &18”- thickness up to 5/8”
High Speed Premium and Professional Abrasive Blades- 12”- 16”
Premium Abrasive Blades for Circular Saws- 7” & 8”
Type 27 Abrasive Wheels for Right Angle Grinders- 4”-9”
Premium Abrasive Blades for Low HP Chop Saws- 12”& 14”
Professional Abrasive Blades for Stationary Metal Cut-off Saws- 14”-20”
Premium Thin Abrasive Blades for Die grinders – 3”-4”
Premium .040/.045 Thin Abrasive Blades for Right Angle Grinders – 4”-6”